Preference #25: He comes to watch you in the Olympic Finals *requested*


(Diver) You were on the board. Heart pounding faster than lightning. It seemed like everybody’s cheers just muted and all you could hear is your heart pounding. You look out to the crowd and you see Niall’s face. You felt relaxed and the tension eased down. It was time for you to dive so you gulped and took a deep breath. You stepped on the edge and jumped off. You were twirling through the air. You hit the water and hear a bunch of cheering and screaming. You got out of the water, proud of yourself. The award ceremony was being announced and your heart was pounding just as it did before. You had no idea what to expect but you had a lot of competition. They announced your name for silver and you jumped in the air screaming. You were not expecting to win a medal. You stepped on the 2nd podium posing for pictures. When it ended, you ran into Niall’s arms and he congratulated you. “(y/n), I’m so proud of you. How about we go celebrate at dinner?” you nodded and headed off to Nando’s.


(Runner) There you were, on the track, ready to start running. You were nervous but excited at the same time. It was your first time reaching the finals and you were just happy to be there. You looked over to the crowd, where your boyfriend Harry was and he was yelling at the top of his lungs. You were so happy to see him cheering you on. The gun shot and you began running. You took it a tad slow so you could last throughout the whole thing. You were already second place. You kept on running, almost at the end, still second place and other Olympians were far behind. You began your sprint. Right at the end, you hit the ribbon. You couldn’t believe yourself. You were first place. The medals were being handed out as you stepped on the highest podium posing for the pictures. All you could hear is Harry’s voice yelling your name and wooing. When it was done, You ran into Harry’s arms as he picked you up and spun you around. “(y/n), Your incredible, I can’t believe you got first place!” “I know, me too!” “Do you want to go back home and celebrate with another workout?” You laughed and nodded as he picked you up bridal style and took you to the car.


(Gymnastics) You were standing right in front of two uneven bars. The whole crowd cheering and waiting for you to start your routine, including your boyfriend, Louis. The music started as you hopped on the lower bar, tumbling and flipping. You jumped off onto the other higher one with a flip. You tumbled, flipped, twirled, spun and jumped. You ended it with a prefect landing. You were now standing in a line along with the other Olympians. Your heart was pounding in your chest, nervous for the awards. You were called up first as bronze. You jumped and had the biggest smile on your face, You couldn’t believe that you had just won an Olympic medal, even if it was bronze. You were just happy you got. You heard Louis scream as loud as he could. You stood on the third podium, flashing posing as cameras were flashing towards you. You had the biggest smile on your face and you were definitely not faking it. At the end, Louis ran towards you, lifting you up and spinning you around. “Oh my god, you nailed it! I would have personally given you gold though. Those judges don’t know how to judge properly.” he says in a sassy tone. “I’m just happy I got one of these!” “I’m happy too, Love. Let’s go celebrate with a drink or something.” he suggests. You nodded and went to the nearest bar.


(Beach Volleyball) You were huddled with your teammates figuring out your game plan when you hear Zayn scream your name with incredible force. You gently blushed as you all took your positions again. You got the first serve and it was an Ace. The crowd roared with cheers and applause, especially Zayn. You were so happy. The next shot went over but was thrown back but your teammate spiked it back. You were already in the lead. The game was back and forth until you came neck and neck. Your heart was pounding as your teammate served the ball. They got it and it went back and forth for a while until you spiked it to their side, earning the winning point. Your teammates ran and hugged you as they lifted you up with Zayn yelling in the background. Your team, of course, won gold because of you. You ran in his arms as he congratulated you with a ton of kisses. “(y/n), I am so proud of you. Let’s go out to celebrate at the restaurant across the street.” You nodded in agreement and walked there together. You spent the entire night celebrating. 


(Trampoline) You hopped up on the trampoline ready to do your routine. The crowd was yelling and cheering. You took a single jump and did a single flip. As time went, you added flips and tricks to your jumps. You hopped and flipped. At one point, you sat down and picked yourself back up with a high jump. The crowd roared with screams as you did this trick. You ended your performance with 4 amazing flips. You stepped off as the crowd applauded you. Your coach hugged you and Liam was waiting for you in the back. You all stood in line as they announced the winners. You were not bronze, nor were you silver. Your heart was pounding as you hoped for the best. “And the winner of the gold medal is… (y/n)!” You hopped up and down with the biggest smile on your face. The crowd, once again, cheered and screamed for you. You stood on the podium with people taking pictures of you. You were extremely happy as you hopped of and went to see, Liam who was waiting for you. He gave you a big hug and kiss. “(y/n), You were amazing out there. You truly did deserve the gold!” “Thanks, babe. It was nice knowing I have your support. I think that’s why I won..” “No, you won because you have talent.” You blushed as you hopped into your car and drove off to the nearest bar to have a drink. 

A/N: I’m really sorry if its not the way the Olympics work, I don’t have time to watch them but I hope you guys like it and you can send your own requests right Here. Xx

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