BSM Preference #57: You got raped and the boys comfort you *Requested*
A/N: Okay so BSM means brother-sister moment. Please do not read if this triggers harsh emotions. Also, this is nothing graphic, it's just the after part. Enjoy. xx
Zayn: Curled up on your bed, you were letting the tears fall harshly on the pillow. You were scrolling throughout your twitter seeing plenty of hate messages regarding the fact that you got raped. Instead of being on your side, you were being called a slut by everyone. "(Y/N)!" you heard Zayn call out from downstairs. You just dug your head more in your pillow and continued crying as you shut off your laptop. Zayn's older brother instincts kicked and he ran to your bedroom along with Louis and Liam. He saw you crying on your bed and ran to your side. "What's wrong, (Y/N)?" Zayn asked nervously. "Zayn, p-people are ca-calling m-me a s-sl-slut and e-everyone h-h-hates me" you sobbed out onto your pillow. "What's wrong with them?" Zayn yelled rubbing your back "(Y/N), you're not a slut. It was not your fault, it was the fault of a mental pervert." You just cried harder and Louis took your hand and rubbed your knuckles with his thumb. "We're here for you, love, we promise." Lou said. Shortly after, the boys all tweeted for people to stop the hate and most of it did. You were so happy to have 5 guardian angels protecting you.
Louis: "Lou!" you called out from the foyer. "Yea, (Y/N)?" "Do you mind taking me to the mall?" "I would but the boys are coming over now…" he said in an apologetic tone. As if on queue, the front door opened. You greeted all the boys warmly. "You going out, love?" Harry asked, looking at you in your shoes and jacket. "Um, I wanted Lou to take me.." you replied. "Not to be rude or anything but why don't you go by yourself?" Liam added. You felt your eyes widen and you opened your mouth, words unable to form on your tongue. "I, uh, I don't know" you replied looking down. Louis saw that you were on the brisk of tears so he approached you but before he could do anything, you clutched onto him like your life depended on it and began crying on his shoulder. "Babe, what's wrong?" Liam asked sympathetically. "(Y/N) got raped a few years ago…" Lou answered. You hiccuped on Lou's shoulder and pulled away cupping your face in your hands. "I'm still scared to go alone…" you replied, your voice echoing in your hands. "(Y/N), We'll all always be here for you, we love you so much, babe and no one can hurt you" "Thanks, I love you guys, too" you replied as they all pulled in the centre of a group hug.
Harry: It had been 2 years since your traumatic incident. Even though it was long gone, it left behind paranoia. You hated being touched from behind, afraid that someone would catch you off guard. Anyways, today you were going to hang out with your brother, Harry and his 4 best friends. You always loved hanging out with them, especially Niall. You both harmlessly flirted back and forth and you enjoyed it. Once they arrived, you all settled down in the living room and popped in a movie. You excused yourself to the kitchen to get a glass of water. As you were filling your cup at the sink, you felt someone poke your sides. You screamed bloody murder and fell to your knees, cupping your face as the tears rolled down. The 4 boys ran in alarmed. When he saw you he knew exactly what had happened due to your position. He bent down and pulled you into his chest as you cried. "Oh, my Gosh! Babe I'm so sorry! Did I hurt you!" Niall said ad he bent down on one knee.Your face was still buried in Harry's chest, therefore he replied with "(Y/N), was, erm, raped a couple years back and she has a phobia of being touched from the back" Niall then squished in between you and Harry and got you to cry on his chest while he rubbed your back. "Princess, I'm so sorry! I would've never done that if I knew but I want you to know that as long as I'm around, you'll always be safe"
Liam: It was a saturday night and you, Liam and the boys went out to the club. It had been a really long time since your encounter with the pedophile but the memory was still stuck there. The boys all new what happened so they were always extra protective towards you. Anyways, at the club, you had found a really cute guy that was flirting with you so you decided to go have a dance with him. All was well, up until he kissed you. You really liked so you kissed back but he, of course, wanted more so he tried to grab your ass. You pushed his hand away and backed out of the kiss but he clearly disagreed with your actions so he wedged you in-between the wall and himself and continued making out with you. All the memories were flooding back and you began to cry but he didn't care. "LIAAAAAM!" you tried yelling over the music but the guy slapped you. It seemed as if you caught Zayn's attention because before you knew it, he was running up to you, pulling the guy from the back of his shirt, setting you free. He began pulling punches when Liam's attention was grabbed. He ran to your shaking body and held you tightly. "Come on, love, let's go" Harry said putting an arm around you. The boys took you out to go home. In the car, you wiped away your tears, thanking the boys. "If anybody messes with you, babe, let them know they have to go through us first" Niall added.
Niall: "(Y/N)?" Niall called out. You were sitting in your closet afraid to step out, afraid that Niall would see and yell at you. Just yesterday, you were taken advantage of on your way home from a late run. You were bruised and cut from resisting. Suddenly, your door opened and Niall saw you on the floor in your condition. As soon as he laid eyes on you, he fell to his knees right next to you. "(Y/N)? What happened?" he asked tears forming in his eyes. "Niall! Did you find her?" you heard from behind the open door and then 4 faces appeared, looking at you in shock. "Y-yesterday, I got mugged, b-beat and ra-raped on my way back from my r-run." you stuttered out, still in mode of shock of what happened. Your breathing got heavy and Niall pulled you up off the floor and hugged you. "It's alright, (Y/N), we're here now. You're safe" he said as you hugged him tightly. "Babe, you have to go to a hospital" Zayn added. You slowly nodded as Zayn picked you up and brought you to the car. All the boys stayed by your side as you went through this very painful time.
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